We work with you and your spa or wellness teams on numerous aspects to creating success.  This could be from concept design, treatment development, recruitment, retail sales, skin care, customer engagement, service delivery, to sales & marketing planning, and financial planning. 
We help you to bring out the best maximize results! 

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Concept Development

We work with you to bring your vision alive.  We will support you to develop a unique and saleable concept, treatment menus, signature treatments, design flow, guest experience, marketing plans and sales strategy.  

Retail Sales Consulting

This session takes your team through the essential steps to successful retail recommendations.  It is designed to unleash the sales potential within each participant and will leave them feeling full of confidence to take their retailing into new heights.

Up to 10 participants

Service Delivery Consulting

This session is focused on guiding your team to five star service.  It covers both how your team engages with the guests and also how they conduct themselves.  The goal of this session is to improve your customer service in order to build more loyalty from your customers and to drive your business into the next level of success.

Sales & Marketing

This session will help you to understand your business and to raise the bar to get your message across to new and existing clients.  Learn how to create an effective marketing plan that speaks in numbers and a real sales strategy to suit you growth vision.  

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