Training: we work with your spa and wellness teams on numerous aspects of being part of a winning team.  This could be retail sales, skin care, customer engagement, service delivery, sales & marketing planning, and financial planning to name a few. We help you to bring the best of out of your talented team for maximum results! 
Concept development and revamps: we work with you to create unique and up-to-date concepts for newly launching wellness businesses.  We also help you revamp and re-launch existing businesses that are in need of a fresh approach.
Strategy: we get down to business and provide in-depth analysis of your current performance in order to evaluate and assess future direction.  We carry out mystery site reviews so that you can find out exactly what is going on within your organisation. Once all aspects have been determined we assist in creating a new strategy for your organisation to lead you to be the best version of you.
Wellness: we are passionate about spreading wellness and are delighted to support you within your corporation, your school or your community.  We design wellness programs to suit any need or budget, we organise wellness events, we host wellness related workshops and activations, we host talks and educational sessions in order to make the world we live in a happier and healthier place.